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About the Course

Aksharam’s Spoken Hindi classes are conducted by Radha, an experienced teacher who is a postgraduate with an experience of more than 3 decades.
Radha teaches Hindi at school level for aIl boards, coaching students at home and conducting online spoken Hindi classes.

In her own words……

Having spent a major part of my growing years in north India, I am well- versed with the day-to-day aspects of spoken Hindi & its grammar and follow my passion to conduct interactive spoken Hindi classes.
You will find this fun-filled and interactive course very interesting, and at the end, you will be surprised at your own spontaneous responses and conversations in hindi with your friends and colleagues, also during travel & shopping.

Aksharam offers a quality learning experience where the students feel at ease and relaxed and get a chance for equal participation.
​This course is ideal for Working professionals, home makers, Students, & Travellers….

Learning at your pace -

This Learning package consists of self-explanatory classes, customized with 12 audio-visual modules, for learning at your convenient time, supported with THREE interactive sessions.

Package Price: Rs. 2,000/-

An Overview of Modules...

  • Introductory talk - greeting a friend or any new acquaintance.
  • Learning action verbs and day to day usage phrases, Correct use of pronouns, adjectives, interrogatives, negatives, tense, number, gender and person etc.
  • A whole lot of vocabulary...words that are relevant and useful.
  • Translating simple sentences from English to Hindi.
  • Making simple conversations for day-today activities.
  • Dialogues during...asking for directions, enquiry as a tourist, during shopping, doctor visit etc.
  • A set of Utility words.

ONE on ONE online classes -

This course consists of 12 one on one, interactive classes, of an hour's duration each, supported by audio-visual modules
(includes Self Learning Kit).

Price Rs. 3,500/-

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Radha at Aksharam:
+91 9884753260 or eMail : radnag45@gmail.com